The better you write, the worse the harassment

They’re just waiting for you to do your best work…

A complaint too long for Twitter:

There are a lot of frustrating things about online harassment when you’re a writer. But something that’s been bugging me lately is that my best pieces are the ones that generate the most hate.

When I say “best” I mean a couple of things: These are the pieces that perform the best traffic-wise, that are shared the most, and that provoke some of the best conversations on a particular issue.

I know, duh. The more people looking at an article, the more trolls there will be. But as a workplace issue, this is a real problem for publishers: When your writers do good work, they get punished for it.

And for writers it’s a real bummer, too: Not only do we have to deal with an onslaught of horrible comments, tweets, emails, etc, but the substantive conversations happening about our writing get lost in the mix because we’re so busy dealing with overwhelming awfulness.

Because the majority of harassment is directed at writers’ social media profiles, we still don’t see online harassment as a workplace issue. This has got to change.

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